Maria of Aragon, Queen of Castile

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Maria of Aragon
Monasterio de Santa María de Huerta - Claustro plateresco - Medallones 06.jpg
Queen consort of Castile and León
Tenure 1420–1445
Spouse John II of Castile
Issue Catherine, Princess of Asturias
Eleanor, Princess of Asturias
Henry IV of Castile
Infanta Maria
House House of Trastámara
Father Ferdinand I of Aragon
Mother Eleanor of Alburquerque
Born c. 1396
Died 18 February 1445 (aged 48–49)
Burial Santa María de Guadalupe
Religion Roman Catholicism

Maria of Aragon (Spanish: María de Aragón) (1396–1445) was the first wife and Queen consort of John II of Castile. The daughter of Ferdinand I of Aragon and Eleanor of Alburquerque, she married her cousin John in 1420.


Maria was married by her father in his ambition to place his issue on the thrones of the Spanish nations. The marriage took place in simplicity due to the difficult political situation. Queen Maria was occasionally politically active on behalf of her brothers, the princes of Aragon; she disregarded her husband's policy in favor of her brothers and the relationship between Maria and John was somewhat tense.

Maria had four children:

After her death in 1445, her husband married Isabella of Portugal and they became the parents of Isabella I of Castile. Maria has no descendants today, her line having gone extinct within a few decades of her death.


Coat of arms of Maria of Aragon as Queen of Castile.



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Maria of Aragon
Born: circa 1396 Died: 18 February 1445
Spanish royalty
Preceded by
Catherine of Lancaster
Queen consort of Castile and León
Succeeded by
Isabella of Portugal