Maria of Navarre

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Maria of Navarre
Marie Navarra 1338.jpg
The Seal of Maria of Navarre
Queen consort of Aragon
Tenure 1338–1347
Spouse Peter IV of Aragon
Issue Constance, Queen of Sicily
Joanna, Countess of Ampurias
House House of Évreux
Father Philip III of Navarre
Mother Joan II of Navarre
Born 1329
Died 29 April 1347 (aged 18)
Religion Roman Catholicism

Maria of Navarre (French: Marie d'Évreux; 1329–29 April 1347) was the eldest child of Philip III of Navarre and Joan II of Navarre. She was Queen consort of Aragon as the first of four wives of Peter IV of Aragon, whom she married in 1338.

Maria and Peter had four children:

Maria died the day after giving birth to her youngest child, Peter (who also died).



Maria of Navarre
Cadet branch of the House of Capet
Born: circa 1329 Died: 29 April 1347
Royal titles
Title last held by
Eleanor of Castile
Queen consort of Aragon
Title next held by
Eleanor of Portugal
Preceded by
Constance of Aragon
Queen consort of Majorca