Maria van Eicken

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Maria van Eicken
Spouse(s) Edward Fortunatus
Noble family van Eicken
Father Joost van Eicken
Mother Barbara of Moll
Born 1571
Died 21 April 1636(1636-04-21)
Porta Angelica Monastery, Flaumbach Valley, near Treis-Karden

Maria van Eicken (1571 in Brussels – 21 April 1636 in Porta Angelica Monastery, Flaumbach Valley, near Treis-Karden) was the wife of the Margrave Edward Fortunatus of Baden-Baden.


She was born in Brussels as the daughter of Joost Van Eicken and Barbara De Moll.

On 13 March 1591 in Brussels, she married Margrave Edward Fortunatus of Baden-Baden. As she was not a member of the high nobility, she was not considered a befitting wife for a margrave and their children were never accepted as relatives by his cousin Margrave Ernest Frederick of Baden-Durlach. Nevertheless, their son William would inherit Baden-Baden.

Marie and Edward Fortunatus had the following children:


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Title last held by
Princess Cecilia of Sweden
Margravine consort of Baden-Baden
Title next held by
Catherine Ursula of Hohenzollern-Hechingen