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Mariama 2011 1.jpg
Mariama 2011 (Photo: Nicolas Esposito)
Background information
Birth name Mariama Jalloh
Born 1986 (age 27–28)
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Genres Acoustic Soul
Occupations Singer, Songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active 2005-present
Associated acts Curse, Brothers Keepers

Mariama (born 1986 as Mariama Jalloh in Freetown, Sierra Leone) is a singer-songwriter of Sierra Leonian birth who lives in Cologne, Germany. Her first name means 'Gods Gift'.


Mariama moved at the age of one with her family from Freetown, the hometown of her father, to Refrath the oldest part of the German city Bergisch Gladbach in North Rhine-Westphalia, from where her mother originates. At age sixteen she started to play guitar and to write songs. Two years later she gained her first stage experience by taking part in a musical.[1]

Music career[edit]

In 2005, Mariama performed as newcomer at the Kölner Ringfest[2] and later worked as background singer for the musician and activist Adé Bantu, the founder of the German-based transnational anti-racism music project Brothers Keepers. While touring with Bantu and his band Afrobeat Academy she decided to concentrate on her music career.[1]

Mariama performing at the Breminale 2009

Mariama is member of the Brothers Keepers project[3] and has participated in several concerts, podium discussions and educational school events against racism[4][5][6] since 2007. The singer also collaborates with Adé Bantu and his brother, the Nigerian-German singer Donabi, as part of the Afropean Express project. They have worked with Maceo Parker, UB40, Tony Allen, Patrice and Xavier Naidoo.[7]

After being introduced to the German rapper Curse by Patrice at the Supow Studio,[8] Mariama joined in autumn 2008 his band and took part in his tour in November. During the 'CURSE/Freiheit-Tour' in May 2009 she performed as official support act.[9][10]

Mariama 2011 (Photo: Nicolas Esposito)

Recent studio projects included Curses third single Wenn ich die Welt aus dir erschaffen könnte (FOUR Music/Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH) (ASIN B001WRPBGI) from his album Freiheit and Bob Marleys classic song I'm Still Waiting on the 7-inch single Still Waiting/Fall In Love[11] by The Ins vs. Mariama vs. Fleur Earth.[12]

In September 2008, Mariama was a finalist in the German wide music competition Com Canta! organised by the WDR Radiofestival.[13][14]

Mariama was chosen from over 300 bands as one of the nine 'Talents' who will be supported 2009 by the Volkswagen Sound Foundation.[15]

The singer performs as an official support act for Max Herre during his Ein Geschenkter Tag 2009 tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 3. November to 5. December.[16]



  • Still Waiting/Fall In Love (2008) (ASIN B001KOWG6Q)
  • Listen to Mariama (2009)
  • No Way (2013)

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