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Marian Mazur (Radom, December 7, 1909 – Warsaw, January 21, 1983) was an expert in cybernetics, and author of: The Cybernetic Theory of Autonomous Systems, 1966; and The Qualitative Theory of Information, 1970.

Cybernetic Theory[edit]

Mazur created a cybernetic theory of autonomous systems which looked at the ability of a system to survive and thrive in an environment. It included a formula that described the reactivity of a culture as a ratio of internal reaction to external stimulus where "the value of reactivity is a function of the system's power to transform stimuli into reactions".[1]

In his book Dynamism of Character in Shakespeare's Mature Tragedies literary theorist Piotr Sadowski adapted Mazur's concept of dynamism of character to Shakespeare's characters.[1] In Mazur's theory he defined "character" (being the properties of a system independent of the environment) as "a set of rigid controlling properties of the system".[2]


The book Cybernetyka i charakter (Cybernetics and Character) was published in 1976 by the state-owned PIW Publishers.[3]


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