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Marianna Zorba, in greek alphabet: Μαριάννα Ζορμπά (Athens, 1967) is a Greek singer and a music teacher. She loves ethnic and folk music. In 1997 she represented Greece in the 42nd Eurovision Song Contest. She was engaged to the composer of her song, Manolis Manouselis, the week before the grand finale in Dublin. A few weeks after the contest they got married. Marianna and the song, Horepse(Dance), scored 39 points and reached 12th place. The Greek press turned against Marianna and that led her to her decision to stop singing professionally.

Marianna and Manolis decided to move to Crete in 2002. He is working as an architect and she is working as a music teacher but music is their love and inspiration. Together they formed the duo Notios Anemos (Southern Wind) and they perform in music festivals, concerts and theatrical plays in Crete. They published a record together in 2005 with songs and music inspired by ancient Greek tunes, traditional music of Venezuela and many more.


  • 1995 - Diavatirio Psixis (Soul Passport)-LP by Warner Music
  • 1996 - Akou loipon (So, Listen to that)-LP by Warner Music
  • 1997 - Horepse (Dance)-CD single-promo only
  • 2005 - San Minoiko Karavi (Like a Minoan Boat)-LP by Seistron

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Mariana Efstratiou
with Emeis Forame to Himona Anixiatika
Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest
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