Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon

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Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon
Personal information
Born (1983-03-03) March 3, 1983 (age 31)
Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec,
Country Canada
Event(s) Synchronized swimming

Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon (born March 3, 1983 in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec) is a Canadian synchronized swimmer from Montreal. She is currently swimming on Canada's National "A" Team, where the team has been centralized to the National Training Centre – Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal. Marie-Pier represented Canada in solo at the 2005 FINA World Championships in Montreal.

She first became interested in synchronized swimming at the age of seven after watching Sylvie Fréchette on television. The sport opened a whole new world for Marie-Pier and led her to believe that determination and passion are the route to success. She has been a member of Synchro Canada's national team since 1998.

At the 2006 Commonwealth Games she won two gold medals, in the Free routine solo and Free routine duet (with Isabelle Rampling).

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, she finished in sixth place with partner Isabelle Rampling in the women's duet.[1]



  • Commonwealth Games: 1st Solo / 1st Duet
  • FINA World Cup: 2nd Duet / 3rd Solo / 3rd Team Technical / 3rd Combo
  • Japan Open: 2nd Technical Duet / 2nd Free Duet / 1st Combo
  • China Open: 1st Technical Solo / 1st Free solo


  • 4th FINA World Trophy: 1st Overall / 1st Highlight Team / 1st Thematic Team / 1st Thematic Duet / 2nd Free Solo / 3rd Combo
  • FINA World Aquatic Championships: 3rd Technical Solo / 3rd Combo / 4th Free Team / 4th Technical Team / 4th Free Duet
  • Barcelona Trophy: 2nd Free team / 3rd Technical team
  • Japan Open: 1st Technical Solo / 1st Free duet
  • Spanish Open: 2nd Free team
  • German Open: 1st Technical Solo / 2nd Free duet


  • 3rd FINA World Trophy: 5th Overall / 4th Duet / 5th Team / 5th Combo
  • Olympic Games: 4th Team / 6th Duet
  • Olympic Games Qualification: 3rd Team / 4th Duet
  • Spanish Open: 2nd Team
  • Russian Open: 2nd Duet


  • FINA World Aquatic Championships: 6th Technical solo / 6th Free solo / 6th Technical duet / 6th Free Duet
  • PanAmerican Games: 2nd Duet / 2nd Team
  • Japan Open: 2nd Duet


  • Commonwealth Games: 1st Solo / 1st Duet
  • FINA World Cup: 4th Combo / 5th Solo / 6th Duet / 6th Team
  • Russian Open: 1st Solo / 1st Duet
  • Japan Open: 3rd Duet


  • FINA World Aquatic Championships: 4th Combo / 5th Team / 6th Solo


  • United Airlines Open: 2nd Solo / 2nd Combo / 2nd Team


  • Swiss Open: 2nd Combo / 2nd Team / 3rd Solo
  • Nationals: 2nd Solo


  • Nationals: 5th Solo
  • Swiss Open: 4th Solo / 2nd Team / 2nd Combo


  • Junior World Championships: 4th Team
  • Nationals: 3rd Solo / 2nd Duet / 1st Senior Team


  • America ’s Cup: 1st Team / 6th Figures
  • Nationals: 1st Team Nationals (15–18): 2nd Solo / 1st Figures / 2nd Duet
  • Peru Cup (16–18): 1st Solo / 1st Figures


  • Rome Open: 5th Team
  • Nationals (15–18): 3rd Solo / 4th Duet / 2nd Figures / 1st Team
  • Canada Games: 1st Team / 2nd Figures


  • America ’s Cup: 2nd Team
  • Nationals (15–18): 6th Solo / 6th Duet / 1st Team
  • Loano Cup: 1st Team


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