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Mariela Rosana Montero Ríos (born September 27, 1980) is an Argentine model, actress, singer and media celebrity figure. She became known for her participation in the reality show of Telefe Gran Hermano 2007 and became known too in Chile for her participation in the reality show of Televisión Nacional de Chile Pelotón VIP in 2009.


Mariela Montero was born in Salta, Argentina. She is the daughter of José Montero and Marta Ríos. She began to sing due to her father belonged to a folklore music group. On her teenage studied during five years in theatre workshops. She studied theatre teaching and visual arts in Salta.

Since 2009, after participating in the Chilean reality show Pelotón VIP she resides in Chile and is as a couple with a Chilean named Rodrigo Roa, an architect of Concepción.[1]


Before entering to the house of Gran Hermano, the ongoing search for her personal growth led it to push the limits of his hometown, so she could live for a few years in the United States of America, where she studied English language and acting with the Venezuelan director Jorge Trujillo and appeared in several novels, and Italy where not only perfected the language of both countries but also she studied theater and develop her taste for music.

On her return to Salta worked as a promoter and resumed acting classes with the teacher and theatre director Jorge Renoldi and began working on several plays with the theatre director Rafael Monti participating in plays.

She rose to fame in 2007 for her participation in Gran Hermano 2007, where she was finalist thanks to her low profile and her well defined character. Montero was on third place with 923,628 votes.

In September 2008, a band called Semilla Explosiva composed her a theme "Chica Clandestina" (Clandestine Girl).[2] In November 2008 she released her first music album.[3]

In 2009, She becomes known in Chile where she participates in the reality show of Televisión Nacional de Chile Pelotón VIP, which all participants are subjected daily to strict military training skills.[4] Thanks to her personality and good performance, to have passed many tests and hard to remain in that programme she has managed to win the hearts of viewers and thus become one of the favourites.[5] In that reality show she fights with the Chilean model and former participant of Bailando por un Sueño 2008, Kenita Larraín by a former boyfriend of both Fabián Rodriguez (current boyfriend of Nazarena Vélez). In that year officially launched her music album in Chile in a bar, accompanied by her boyfriend Rodrigo Roa. In the event she said:

I always wanted to sing. I found myself and I did. In fact it's me who wrote the themes[citation needed]

Montero was invited too to the programmes of Televisión Nacional de Chile Animal Nocturno and Buenos Días a Todos, and Chilevisión Primer Plano and Teatro en Chilevisión, she was the panelist of entertainment and show business programme of La Red Intrusos en la Televisión where she was in February 2010 the candidate to Queen of Festival of Viña del Mar

On August 4, 2011, Montero denounced, after the media celebrity Pamela Pombo comment her case, who was harassed years ago by the theatrical producer Miguel Ángel Cherutti during the casting of a work, and Primicias Ya and pointed out:

"Cherutti took a casting to touch me and kiss me in a warm and disgusting".[citation needed]

A few days later of the interview on the website of the members of program Intrusos en el Espectáculo, Montero was demanded along with the media celebrity figure Pamela Pombo.[citation needed]

In late September 2011, Montero traveled from Chile to Buenos Aires, the former participant and finalist of Gran Hermano was called by Telefe to participate as a panelist for the debates of Gran Hermano 2012.[6]

On June 18, 2012, she joins the panel of the television programme of La Red (Así Somos) in Chile.


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  • AM Telefe - Argentina, 2007-2008
  • Intrusos en el Espectáculo América TV - Argentina, 2008
  • Kubik América TV - Argentina, 2008
  • Este es el Show El Trece - Argentina, 2008
  • Don Francisco Presenta Univisión - United States, 2008
  • Infama América TV - Argentina, 2009
  • Pelotón VIP Televisión Nacional de Chile - Chile, 2009
  • Animal nocturno Televisión Nacional de Chile - Chile, 2009
  • Primer Plano Chilevisión - Chile, 2009
  • Fiebre de baile 2 Chilevisión - Chile, 2009
  • Combate estelar Televisión Nacional de Chile - Chile, 2009
  • Teatro en Chilevisión Chilevisión - Chile, 2009–2010
  • Intrusos en la televisión La Red - Chile, 2010
  • Circo de estrellas (Chile) Televisión Nacional de Chile - Chile, 2010
  • Gran Hermano 2012 Telefe - Argentina, 2011–2012
  • Así Somos La Red - Chile, 2012
  • Bienvenidos Canal 13 - Chile, 2012
  • Mundos Opuestos 2 Canal 13 - Chile, 2013
  • Ruleta Rusa Canal 13 - Chile, 2013
  • En Portada UCV Televisión - Chile, 2013
  • Juga2 Televisión Nacional de Chile - Chile, 2013


  • 2008: Primer disco "100x100to yo!"[7]
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