Marienetta Jirkowsky

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Marienetta Jirkowsky
Born (1962-08-25)25 August 1962
Bad Saarow
Died 22 November 1980(1980-11-22) (aged 18)
Hennigsdorf hospital
Cause of death
Shot by a guard whilst attempting to enter West Berlin from Hohen Neuendorf, which was in the former GDR
Body discovered
Vacant property on Florastrasse
52°39′38″N 13°17′05″E / 52.6605°N 13.2846°E / 52.6605; 13.2846 (Site of Marienetta Jirkowsky fatality)
Monuments White Crosses, Berlin
"Window Of Remembrance", Berlin
"Marienetta Jirkowsky Monument", Hohen Neuendorf
Known for Youngest of 8 women killed at the Berlin Wall

Marienetta "Micky" Jirkowsky (August 25, 1962, Bad Saarow, Brandenburg – November 22, 1980, Hennigsdorf) was a German woman killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall.

At 3.40am on November 22, 1980, Marienetta Jirkowsky and two friends attempted to cross the border between enter West Berlin from Hohen Neuendorf, which was in the former GDR. They were discovered by East German border guards and Jirkowsky was hit by 27 bullets, mainly in her stomach. She died the same day at 11.40 in Hennigsdorf hospital; she was 18 years old.

Marienetta Jirkowsky was the youngest of the 8 women killed at the Berlin wall, among the total of at least 138 victims.

Memorials to her death are located in the "White Crosses" memorial, next to the Reichstag building, in the "Window Of Remembrance" of the Berlin Wall Memorial in Berlin and near the former scene of the crime, in Hohen Neuendorf.