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Marike Groot (born 1968 in IJmuiden, North Holland) is a Dutch singer. She started her career in the mid eighties as the singer for punk band The Grabbits, with whom she recorded the EP Aliens. From 1989 to 1992 she was the vocalist of Little Mary Big, which transformed into Visions of Johanna and later Johan. With Little Mary Big, she reached fourth place at the Grote Prijs van Nederland, an important music competition in the Netherlands. She later joined The Gathering, and she sang on their first album Always..., released in 1992. She was soon replaced by Martine van Loon. During the 90's and 00's, Marike Groot remained active in music, both as a singer and a guitar player, playing in bands like Battle and Mae West. Currently, she fronts Wonderlust and plays with Beatles cover band The Weavils. Lately, she reunited with her former band members of The Gathering to play some shows to celebrate their 1992 line-up. Currently she is working with the multi-singers international project Red Page (band) as she is one of their guests singers for their debut album "Beyond the black".


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New title Vocalist for The Gathering
Succeeded by
Martine van Loon