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Marilyn Artus (Marilyn McBrier Artus) is a fine artist who addresses women's issues through her work and is an art show promoter. Marilyn grew up in Norman and Tulsa, Oklahoma. She spent two years of college at Incarnate Word College in San Antonio, Texas. She then returned to Oklahoma and finished her two-dimensional studio degree from the University of Oklahoma. She worked at United Design Corporation in Noble Oklahoma for seven years, then Relevant Products for six years designing products for the gift industry. She is currently located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Our Lady of the Anti-Personnel Weapon & Her Stepford Friends[edit]

Her first solo exhibition, " Our Lady of the Anti-Personnel Weapon & Her Stepford Friends" at AKA Gallery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma garnered local and national attention. The exhibit included 9 life size collage images of the Virgin Mary holding various hand embroidered weapons with vintage ads behind the images of Mary. The exhibit also included the "Stepford" series of 9 collage & embroidery pieces that were composed of pin-up queens with religious and anatomical imagery.

The Girlie Show[edit]

Marilyn is one of the founders of The Girlie Show,[1] a 2 day, annual all female art and craft show in Oklahoma City that was founded in 1993. The Girlie Show draws artisans from all over the United States to exhibit, celebrate, encourage and showcase female talent. As well as exhibit and promote creativity, the organization awards a deserving female art or design student a $1,000 scholarship each year.

The Girlie Show founders, Erin Merryweather, Dawn Tyler Harth & Marilyn Artus were awarded the "Great Inspirations" award in 2008 by Creative Oklahoma, Inc. (CO) [2] a statewide non-profit organization that promotes and catalyzes creative idea generation in individuals and institutions. This award recognizes individuals that create Oklahomans' creative endeavors, solutions or activities as both a stimulus and an example for other corporations, organizations, communities or educational institutions.

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School[edit]

Marilyn is also the founder of the Oklahoma City branch of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School,[3] a cabaret life drawing class that was founded in New York City in 2005, by illustrator and former artist's model Molly Crabapple and illustrator A.V. Phibes. Marilyn opened her branch of the international franchise in January 2009. As of January 2010, Dr. Sketchy's branches exist in over 100 cities around the world. Branches vary in their conservatism, nudity levels and the skill of their artists.


Marilyn became represented by Cory Allen in 2010, a publicist known for working with controversial sculptor Daniel Edwards and tabloid artist XVALA.

Marilyn also serves as board vice president for Individual Artists of Oklahoma, a non-profit organization that promotes and provides opportunities for Oklahoma artists.


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