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The Marin Community College District (MCCD) is the community college district serving Marin County, California. In addition to traditional college-age students, the District serves concurrently-enrolled high- and middle-school students, as well as adults. MCCD operates one community college, the College of Marin. MCCD is one of three California community college districts on "basic aid" and therefore receives most of its operating revenue from local property taxes.

Board of trustees[edit]

The Marin Community College District is governed by seven members of a Board of Trustees elected at-large to four-year terms. Elections are held every two years, three members chosen the year after a presidential election and four chosen the year before. The students also elect one non-voting student trustee, who serves a one-year term and can participate in discussions and make and second motions so long as they are not related to real estate negotiations, personnel or collective bargaining. The current Board members are:

  • President Diana Conti
  • Vice President Eva Long, Ph.D.
  • Clerk James Namnath, Ph.D.
  • Trustee Barbara Dolan
  • Trustee Carole Hayashino
  • Trustee Philip Kranenburg
  • Trustee Wanden Treanor
  • Student Trustee Raemond Bergstrom-Wood

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