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Marin Rowing Association
Motto "Go Row"
Location Greenbrae, California
Founded 1968 (1968)
President Bill Hudson
2006 USRowing Club of the Year

The Marin Rowing Association, located in Greenbrae, California, is a rowing association and non-profit organization founded in 1968 by Coach R.C. "Bob" Cumming.


For the first eight years of its existence, the program was composed of high school boys from Redwood High School and what the club called the "cardiac 8+". The cardiac 8+ was a small group of men who had previously rowed in college and continued to row on Sunday mornings. That group of men, including Olympian Dick Draeger, held the facility and equipment together.

In 1977, U.C. Berkeley rower Jana Barto began a high school program for women from Redwood High School, and in 1982 Olympian Lou Lindsey joined Coach Cumming to run the men's team, taking over in 1984 after the death of Coach Cumming.

Today both the boys and girls teams, recruiting throughout Marin, row under the name of the Marin Rowing Association.

Numerous Marin Juniors have raced on Junior National Teams throughout the years, and some have gone on to represent the United States at the World Rowing Championships and the Olympics. Scott Munn, Fred Honebein, Tim Evans, Tim Ryan and Jerome Ryan, Mike Altman, Brian Ebke and Nito Simonsen are all Marin Rowing Association alumni.

Marin Rowing Association Olympians

Athlete/Coach Year Location Event
Richard Draeger 1960 Rome M2+
Lou Lindsay 1960 Rome M8+ Coach
Scott Munn 1992 Barcelona M8+
Tim Evans 1992 Barcelona M8+
Fred Honebein 1996 Atlanta M8+
Nito Simonsen 2000 Sydney M4-
Nito Simonsen 2004 Athens M2x
Mike Altman 2004 Athens MLT Spare
Mike Altman 2008 Beijing MLT4-

The club is currently managed by Sandy Armstrong, who was honored with the USRowing Ernestine Bayer Award at the 2013 USRowing Annual Convention.

Junior Team[edit]

The Marin Rowing Association offers a competitive high school rowing program for boys and girls from schools including Redwood High School, Marin Catholic High School, Marin Academy High School, and more.

The Marin Juniors are divided into four teams: Varsity Boys (Coaches: Dustin Kraus and Andrew Lennox), Varsity Girls (Coaches: Sandy Armstrong, Morgan Fenner and Caroline Rosetti), Novice Boys (Coach: Tim Humphrey and Steve Oesterich) and Novice Girls (Coach: Melissa Fenner). The Marin Juniors have enjoyed success at various prestigious regattas.[1]

Head of the Charles[edit]

2010 At the 46th Head of the Charles Regatta in 2010, the Marin Varsity boys eight made history by racing from the 69th starting position to win their event, posting a course record (14:50.246) in the process. The 2010 boat was coached by Graham Willoughby. The Varsity girls eight, coached by Sandy Armstrong, came in second, just four seconds behind first place.

2011 At the 47th Head of the Charles Regatta in 2011, the Marin boys again placed first. The Marin Varsity girls, on the other hand, finished in second place for the second year in a row.

2012 At the 48th Head of the Charles Regatta in 2012, the Marin boys repeated their victory for the third year in a row, this time with a decisive lead of more than 33 seconds to the second finisher. The Marin girls finished in 5th place.

2013 At the 49th Head of the Charles Regatta in 2013, the Marin boys extended their record victory streak to four consecutive wins. The first place Men's Youth 8+ was coached by Dustin Kraus.

Marin Men's Youth 8+ on the awards stage at Head of the Charles Regatta in 2013

The Marin Varsity girls, coached by Sandy Armstrong, finished in 3rd in the Youth 8+ event, less than a second behind the second place finisher. [2]

2014 At the 50th Head of the Charles, the Marin boys placed 2nd by a margin of 1.5 seconds ending their four year streak. The girls walked away with a 5th place finish.

Marin Rowing Association Varsity Boys Head of the Charles Regatta Four Year Record Streak Championship Lineups

2010 2011 2012 2013
Coxswain Harrison Blatt Kenny Thompson Riley Overfield Patrick O’Brien
Stroke Zander Bonorris Patrick Kontinnen Julian Goldman Julian Goldman
7 Seat Griffin Whitlock Julian Goldman Tavish Traut Cayman Bearly-Malinowski
6 Seat Scott Roycroft Sam Seder Peter Woolley Blake Patterson
5 Seat Greig Stein Peter Woolley Jackson Dobronyi Brennan Wertz
4 Seat Peter Woolley David Slater Jake Johnson Andrew Joyce
3 Seat Sam Seder Elliott Gutekunst John Killeen Grant Findlay
2 Seat Scott Kennedy Scott Kennedy Chase Giannini John Killeen
Bow Patrick Kontinnen Greig Stein Niels Laurberg Niels Laurberg
Finish Time 14:50.246* 15:06.979 15:21.33 15:23.532

*Current course record

San Diego Crew Classic[edit]

The Marin Rowing Association has won a variety of events at the San Diego Crew Classic over the years. In 2012 and 2014 however, the Marin Rowing Varsity Boys achieved a sweep of all three junior events, becoming the first team to ever do so as well as the first team to ever repeat the achievement.

2012 2012 2012 2014 2014 2014
MV8+ MJV8+ MLT8+ MV8+ MJV8+ MLT8+
Coxswain Kenny Thompson Tommy Fant Riley Overfield Tommy Fant Brandon Levy Chase Wray
Stroke Julian Goldman Seb Pavlina Michael Brewer Julian Goldman Michael Brewer Mark Levinson
7 Seat Patrick Kontinnen Jackson Dobronyi Tavish Traut Brennan Wertz Cayman Bearly-Malinowski Ryan Clyde
6 Seat Peter Woolley Brennan Wertz Oliver Bazalgette Blake Patterson Anders Carlson Riley Overfield
5 Seat Greig Stein Craig Porter Niels Laurberg Avram Naydenov Liam Byrnes Colin Giannini
4 Seat John Killeen Jake Johnson Blake Patterson Andrew Joyce Sepehr Araghi Brody Mollison
3 Seat Sam Seder Cooper Reinhart Will Boyd Niels Laurberg Sam McKenzie James Ash
2 Seat Scott Kennedy Chase Giannini Ezra Hoffman Conor Reilly Philip Bennett Duncan McCrae
Bow Elliott Gutekunst David Slater Jamie Naso John Killeen Grant Findlay Ryan Newbury

USRowing Youth National Championships[edit]

The Marin Rowing Association has won national championships on numerous occasions. Previously, the Marin Juniors had won several gold medals in the Youth National Championship at Harsha Lake near Cincinnati, Ohio; amongst them, the Men's Youth Lightweight 8+ in 2004, the Men's Youth Double Sculls in 2007 and the Women's Youth 8+ in 2008 and 2009. [3]

In more recent years, the Marin Juniors have consistently been top finishers nationally in various boats. In 2009, the Marin Rowing Junior Men's Youth 8+ placed 5th at Nationals along with the Men's Youth Lightweight 8+ that placed 2nd by .28 seconds. In 2010, both the Heavyweight and Lightweight Men's eights came in second at Youth Nationals.

2011 was a unique year for Marin Rowing's youth team, which became the first team to sweep the USRowing Youth National Championship with victories in the Men's & Women's Youth 8+ as well as the Men's Youth Lightweight 8+ (composed of 6 novice) at the Oak Ridge, TN venue. At the 2012 Youth National Championship, the Marin Men's Youth Lightweight 8+ and Youth 8+ won gold in both events for the second year in a row, while the Women's Youth 8+ finished with a silver medal.

At the 2013 Youth National Championship in Oak Ridge, TN, the men and women's squads from Marin came away with four medals out of the five boats sent. The Women's Youth 8+ won decisively; crossing the finish line with open-water over the second place finisher. The Men's Youth 8+ took third place, while the Men's Youth Lightweight 8+ came home with a second place finish. The Men's Youth 4+ earned a bronze medal and the Men's Youth Lightweight 4+ finished in fourth.

The most recent showing at Youth Nationals, 2014, was another successful year for the Marin Rowing Association's Junior team. The Men's Youth 8+ (T. Fant C, J. Goldman S, B. Wertz 7, B. Patterson 6, S. McKenzie 5, A. Joyce 4, C. Bearly-Malinowski 3, C. Reilly 2, J. Killeen B), after overcoming several injuries right before the regatta, finished in 5th place, while the Men's Youth Lightweight 8+ (C. Wray C, M. Levinson S, R. Clyde 7, R. Overfield 6, C. Giannini 5, G. Findlay 4, J. Ash 3, B. Mollison 2, D. McCrea B) won gold. The Women's Youth 8+ finished in 7th place, while the Women's Youth 2- (Julia Burgess and Camille Kisseberth) won by open water.

Marin Rowing Association USRowing Youth National Championship Results

Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
1996 Men's Youth 4+ 1997 Men's Youth 4+ 1997 Women's Youth 8+
1997 Men's Youth 1x 2001 Men's Youth 8+ 2002 Men's Youth 8+
2004 Men's Lightweight 8+ 2001 Women's Youth 8+ 2002 Men's Lightweight 8+
2007 Men's Youth 2x 2003 Men's Lightweight 8+ 2003 Women's Youth 8+
2008 Women's Youth 8+ 2004 Women's Youth 8+ 2005 Men's Youth 8+
2009 Women's Youth 8+ 2005 Men's Lightweight 4+ 2006 Women's Lightweight 8+
2011 Men's Youth 8+ 2005 Men's Youth 1x 2013 Men's Youth 8+
2011 Women's Youth 8+ 2007 Women's Lightweight 8+ 2013 Men's Youth 4+
2011 Men's Lightweight 8+ 2009 Men's Lightweight 8+
2012 Men's Youth 8+ 2010 Men's Youth 8+
2012 Men's Lightweight 8+ 2010 Men's Lightweight 8+
2013 Women's Youth 8+ 2012 Women's Youth 8+
2014 Women's Youth 2- 2013 Men's Lightweight 8+
2014 Men's Lightweight 8+

Junior National Team Athletes[edit]

Junior National Team Athletes

Athlete Location Year Event Seat Place
Lily Hansen Hamburg, Germany 2014 W8+ Cox 5th
Julia Burgess Trakai, Lithuania 2013 W8+ 4 5th
Jackson Dobronyi Trakai, Lithuania 2013 M8+ 5 7th
Julian Goldman Trakai, Lithuania 2013 M8+ Stroke 7th
Camille Kisseberth Trakai, Lithuania 2013 (Spare) Bow N/A
Peter Woolley Trakai, Lithuania 2013 M4- 2 6th
Julian Goldman Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2012 M8+ Stroke 5th
Riley Overfield Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2012 M8+ Cox 5th
Peter Woolley Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2012 M8+ 2 5th
Caitlin Byrnes Eton, Great Britain 2011 W8+ 4 BRONZE
Logan Harris Eton, Great Britain 2011 W8+ 3 BRONZE
Patrick Konttinen Eton, Great Britain 2011 M4- Stroke 12th
Charlotte Passot Eton, Great Britain 2011 W8+ 7 BRONZE
Greig Stein Eton, Great Britain 2011 M4- Bow 12th
Maddie Wolf Eton, Great Britain 2011 W8+ 6 BRONZE
Zach Johnson Račice, Czech Republic 2010 M8+ Stroke GOLD


Indoor Rowing World Records[edit]

In 2013, at the annual Marin Rowing Erg-A-Thon, the Marin Junior boys and girls teams set two Concept2 ergometer world records. The boys completed 466,156 meters in 24 hours to set the Male 19 and Under Hwt world record with 77 rowers. The girls rowed 392,521 meters in 24 hours to set the Female 19 and Under Hwt world record with 76 rowers. The Erg-A-Thon took place from February 2 to February 3, 2013 at Bon Air Shopping Center in Greenbrae, California.[5]

In 2014, the Marin Juniors (both boys and girls) worked together to set another world record at the annual Erg-A-Thon. Both the boys and the girls completed 445,958 meters in 24 hours to set the Mixed 19 and Under Hwt world record. 153 rowers (78 boys and 75 girls) contributed to setting this record. The 2014 Erg-A-Thon was again held at Bon Air Shopping Center in Greenbrae, California from February 1 to February 2, 2014.[6]

Masters Team[edit]

In 1984, Jana Barto and Joan Corbett started a masters rowing program for adult women. Originally the rowers were parents of the junior men and women, but today that original program has split into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels for men and women, with the competitive/advanced level winning numerous gold medals at State Championship races, the Masters Nationals and the FISA World Regatta.

At the 2013 Head of the Charles Regatta, the Marin Masters came home with six wins. The Men's Senior Master 8+ boat (50 and over) finished first and set a new course record of 15:29.87. For the third year in a row, the Women's Senior Master 8+ boat (50 and over) finished in first place and also set a new course record of 17:35.75. In the Senior Veteran Single (70 and over), Landon Carter earned a gold medal. In the 4+s, the Men's Master 4+ (40 and over) and the Women's Senior Master 4+ (50 and over) both won with the women's four earning another course record. The Men's Veteran 4+ (70 and over) won gold.

2013 was the first year the Marin Rowing Association won the Head of the Charles Team Points Trophy, an honor usually only earned by accomplished collegiate rowing teams.[7]

In 2014 Marin came home with one first place finish in the Men's Senior Master 50+ Eight.


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