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Dress made by Marina DeBris, from trash found on the beach.

Marina DeBris is the name used by a California artist whose work focuses on reusing trash to raise awareness of ocean and beach pollution.[1][2][3] DeBris uses trash washed up from the beach to create trashion, 'fish tanks', decorative art and other works of art.[4][5] She has also used beach trash to provide one perspective on what the earth might look like from space.[6] As well as creating art from debris, DeBris also is a fund raiser for environmental organizations,[7][8][9][10] and collaborates with non-profit organizations and schools to educate children about ocean pollution.[11][12] DeBris is also a social activist, for example, participating in a panel on how artists can contribute to environmental public policy,[13] promoting clean energy[14] and curating a sustainability eco-art exhibition.[15] DeBris's work is not just in pollution, but also works with non profits to raise funds for art education.[16] DeBris is listed with the Women Environmental Artists Directory.[17]

Education and personal life[edit]

DeBris was educated at Indiana University and the Rhode Island School of Design. She has lived and worked in New York City, London, England, and Sydney, Australia. She was born in Detroit and currently lives in Los Angeles.[18][19][20]

Genre and venues[edit]

Works by DeBris are often displayed in galleries,[21][22][23][24] Sculpture by the Sea[25][26][27][28] included in science events,[29] or may be used by organizations as awards.[30] Her works are also displayed in venues not typically thought of as galleries, but are art venues nonetheless, such as retail stores,[9][31][32] Burning Man,[33] a trasher's ball,[34] a downtown art walk,[35] or an Earth Day creek spring clean-up.[36]

DeBris also partners or works with various anti-pollution organizations, such as Friends of Ballona Wetlands,[37] 5 Gyres,[38] RuckusRoots,[39] the United Nations Special Assembly on Climate Change[40] and Heal the Bay.[41] Marina DeBris has also designed accessories for Captain Charles J. Moore, who worked to bring attention to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. DeBris' work with the United Nations Special Assembly was a collaboration with actress/poet Sheryl Lee, dancer Maya Gabay, and musician Marla Leigh.[42]


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