Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum

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Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum
Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum 05.jpg
Established May 6, 1978
Location Brown Field
Marine Corps Base Quantico
Quantico, Virginia
United States
Type Military History

The Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum was located at Brown Field, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Quantico, Virginia. It housed a wide variety of historic Marine Corps vehicles/tanks (both wheeled and tracked), equipment, artillery pieces and aircraft (both fixed wing (airplanes) and rotary wing (helicopters)) to trace the evolution and significance of the Marine Air-Ground Team.[1] It also contained several pieces of foreign equipment, such as a Soviet SU-76M self-propelled howitzer.[2] The museum closed on November 15, 2002, during the establishment of the National Museum of the Marine Corps.


The museum initially opened on May 6, 1978, as the Marine Corps Aviation Museum and eventually became the Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum in the mid-1980s as the collection expanded beyond aviation assets.[3] The museum began in two aircraft hangars and added a third in 1990.[3]

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