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Marine Engineers Reviewing Ship Plans.

Marine engineering broadly refers to the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure. Specifically, marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, mostly mechanical and electrical engineering, to the development, design, operation and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and on-board systems; e.g. power and propulsion plants, machinery, piping, automation and control systems etc. for marine vehicles of any kind like surface ships, submarines etc.

  • The engineering of a vessel's propulsion system, see Marine propulsion.
  • The engineering of shipboard systems and machinery, see Engine room.
  • A ship's engineering department, an organizational unit that is responsible for running the vessel's propulsion systems and support systems for crew, passengers and cargo; this field career track within marine engineering is, more specifically, referred to as seagoing engineering; see Engineering officer (ship).[citation needed]
  • In limited and specific ship-related context, the engineering of structures to support vessels, see Marine architecture.
  • Oceanographic engineering, also called marine electronics engineering, is concerned with the design of electronic devices for use in the marine environment, such as never remote sensing systems used by oceanographers.

Not all marine engineering is concerned with moving vessels. Offshore construction, also called offshore engineering, ocean engineering or maritime engineering, is concerned with the technical design of fixed and floating marine structures, such as oil platforms and offshore wind farms.

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