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Con Amor Todo Florece
Emma Laura played Rossana
Genre Telenovela
Created by Alberto Aridjis
Written by
Directed by Julian Pastor
Opening theme "Por Amarte" (Enrique Iglesias)
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 145
Original channel Televisa
Original run January 22, 1996 – August 9, 1996

Marisol (Spanish pronunciation: [maɾiˈsol]) is a 1996 Mexican telenovela, starring Erika Buenfil and Eduardo Santamarina with the antagonic role of the star actress Claudia Islas.[2] It was produced by Televisa. This telenovela contained 145 episodes and is a remake of Marcha nupcial.

Famous and beloved Enrique Álvarez Félix died after he finished his work in Marisol.[3][4]


Marisol has a pain-ridden life. She has a disfiguring scar on her face from a piece of a broken mirror she had fallen on when she was a little girl. Her mother is dying and Marisol must sell paper flowers to make money in order to support herself and her mother.

Sofia, Marisol’s mother, is carrying a heavy secret and she realizes she must tell Marisol the truth before she dies and leaves her alone (especially with Marisol’s sleazy boyfriend Mario). Unfortunately, Sofia dies without revealing that Marisol is really the granddaughter of Don Alonso Garcés del Valle, the patriarch of a very rich family, which includes the handsome and amiable painter, José Andrés, also one of Alonso’s grandchildren – or is he?

To complicate matters, José Andrés and Marisol fall in love with each other (even though they are engaged to other people) – both completely in the dark about their true identities.


  • Erika Buenfil as Marisol Garcés del Valle/Verónica Soriano – In love with José Andrés, granddaughter of Don Alonso and niece of Leonardo
  • Eduardo Santamarina as José Andrés Garcés del Valle – Son of Amparo and Mariano, in love with Marisol
  • Claudia Islas as Amparo de Garcés del Valle – Main villain, mother of José Andrés, wife of Leonardo, lover of Mariano and Mario.[5] Together with Leonardo, Mariano, Mario and Sulema she attempt to kill Marisol.
  • Enrique Álvarez Félix as Leonardo Garcés del Valle – Husband of Amparo.[6] He thinks José Andrés is his son. Was a villain at first, but later was good. He was killed by heart attack.[7]
  • Aarón Hernán as Alonso Garcés del Valle – Father of Leonardo, grandfather of Marisol (dies by disease)
  • Antonio De Carlo as Rosendo
  • Emma Laura as Rossana Valverde[8] – Wife of José Andrés, lover of Mario (killed by Sulema)
  • David Ostrosky as Mariano Ruiz – Biological father of José Andrés, villain, later good
  • Pilar Montenegro as Sulema Chávez – Lover of Leonardo and Mario, villain
  • Sergio Basañez as Mario Suárez – Son of Rosita, lover of Sulema and Amparo, almost killed Marisol
  • Alejandro Ibarra as Francisco "Paco" Suárez – Brother of Mario
  • Socorro Bonilla as Rosa "Rosita" vda. de Suárez – Mother of Mario and Paco
  • Romina Castro as Mimí Candela de Suárez – Best friend of Marisol, in love and married with Paco
  • Germán Robles as Basilio GonzálezDon Alonso’s chauffeur (killed by Amparo)
  • Alberto Insua as Alfredo Ledesma – Father of Marisol (killed by Amparo)
  • Verónica Langer as Carmen de Pedroza – Sister of Amparo, in love with Mariano
  • Paulina Lazareno as Alejandra Pedroza – Daughter of Carmen
  • Francisco Xavier as Alberto Montiel
  • Irma Lozano as Sofía Garcés del Valle de Ledesma – Mother of Marisol, sister of Leonardo, daughter of Alonso (dies)
  • Renée Varsi as Vanessa Montalvo
  • Laura Flores as Sandra Luján
  • Arturo Peniche as Juan Vicente Morelos
  • Enrique Iglesias as Himself
Preceded by
Retrato de familia
January 22, 1996 – August 9, 1996
Succeeded by
La sombra del otro


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