Maritime Centre (Halifax)

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Coordinates: 44°38′40″N 63°34′19″W / 44.64444°N 63.57194°W / 44.64444; -63.57194

West face of the Maritime Centre at dusk, taken from Spring Garden Road
A view from the east face of the Maritime Centre from an elevator

The Maritime Centre in Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is an office building home to the regional telecommunications company Bell Aliant (formerly Maritime Telephone & Telegraph, from which it is named).

The building is on the site of the former Capitol Theatre which was demolished in 1974 to make way for the construction of the present tower.[1] Completed in 1977, the original structure had 14 stories; another seven floors were added in 1988. The building stands at 78 metres and has 21 floors, including the two retail levels. It is notable for the strong wind tunnel effect it creates at street level.[2]

Maritime Centre was designed to avoid blocking the view from Citadel Hill to various parts of Halifax Harbour, hence the building's peculiar angle to the street.


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