Maritime Museum Rotterdam

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Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Maritime Museum in 2007 with HNLMS Buffel to the right, Low Light to the left
Established 1873
Location Rotterdam

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam is a maritime museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Dedicated to naval history, it was founded in 1873 by Prince Henry of the Netherlands. Next to the Maritime Museum lies the open-air Harbour Museum, of which one of the major attractions was the 19th-century ironclad ram ship HNLMS Buffel, which was moored outside of the museum. The ship was moved to Hellevoetsluis in 2013 (due to cost cuts) where it will be exploited by the Stichting Museumschip de Buffel to preserve this ship for the generations to come. The Harbour Museum includes the red cast iron Low Light of the Hook of Holland, which formerly stood at the entrance to the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway).

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