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The Maritime Women's Football League, Canada's first all-female full-contact football league, began operating in 2004. Since then, the League has grown from two to four teams: they hail from the three major cities of New Brunswick - (Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John) - with a team from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Current teams[edit]

League Champions[edit]

The league championship is known as the SupHer Bowl, while the championship trophy is known as the Judy Upward Trophy.[1]

  • 2013 Capital Area Lady Gladiators
  • 2012 Moncton Vipers
  • 2011 Saint John Storm
  • 2010 Saint John Storm
  • 2009 Moncton Vipers
  • 2008 Saint John Storm
  • 2007 Capital Area Lady Gladiators
  • 2006 Capital Area Lady Gladiators
  • 2005 Saint John Buccaneers
  • 2004 Simmonds Seagals


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