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Maritza Martin Nuñez (October 29, 1959 – January 18, 1993) was a woman shot to death by Emilio Nuñez, her ex-husband, in 1993 on cemetery ground in North Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Martin was to be interviewed by Ocurrió Así reporter Ingrid Cruz, after she visited her daughter's grave while the father, Emilio Nuñez, was there. Their 15-year-old daughter had committed suicide and Nuñez had blamed the incident on Martin. Nuñez believed that their daughter had been abused by her stepfather and murdered or driven to suicide by her mother. Both theories were rejected by investigators. Their daughter had been raised by Martin and Nuñez had no contact with her.[1]

Emilio Nuñez then left the grave site and went to his car, apparently retrieved a weapon, and shot Maritza Martin 12 times. The cameraman managed to film the first few shots while the reporter ran for the car. The footage was later used in the film Bowling for Columbine.[2]

She left behind a son of eighteen months old. She was buried next to her daughter.

In 2000, Emilio Nuñez was found guilty by a jury in Fort Lauderdale.[3] He was sentenced to imprisonment for "25 to life" and will not become eligible to apply for parole until 2017. [4]


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