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Marjorie Estiano
Marjorie Estiano em 2012.jpg
Background information
Birth name Marjorie Dias de Oliveira
Born (1982-03-08) March 8, 1982 (age 32)
Origin Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Genres Pop rock
Occupations Actress, singer
Years active 2003–present (actress)
2004–present (singer)
Labels Som Livre (2004-2005)
Universal Music (2005-)
Website Marjorie Estiano

Marjorie Estiano (born March 8, 1982) is a Brazilian actress and singer. She rose to prominence in 2004 playing the role of Natasha in the Rede Globo teen series Malhação. She has played the protagonist in three telenovelas,[1][2][3][4] the lead antagonist role in another two[5][6] and the lead role in 2014's film Beatriz.[7]

In 2007 Maria Paula was cast live, the lead role of Duas Caras in prime time of the largest Brazilian television network, Rede Globo.[8] She was also a protagonist on another soap opera Lado a Lado,[9] best telenovela in the 2013 Emmy International.[10][11][12]

In 2013, Marjorie played the same character with Fernanda Montenegro in the movie Time and the Wind, as the young Bibiana.[13][14][15][16]


Born in Curitiba, Paraná state as Marjorie Dias de Oliveira to Eurandir Lima de Oliveira and Marilene Dias, the second of three siblings, Marjorie Estiano studied Scenic Arts in Paraná. When she finished, she moved to São Paulo to improve her acting abilities. There she studied music for two years [17]


While studying, she made some TV commercials and played minor plays in theater. After this, she was approved in the TV Globo Actor's Workshop and moved to Rio de Janeiro. She thensigned to join the cast of Malhação, and began acting in minor roles. She won the lead antagonist role of "Natasha" in 2004.[18][19]

She began sharing the vocals of the band with singer, Gustavo (Guilherme Berenguer). Victor Pozas and Alexandre Castilho started recording demo tapes with Estiano and sending them to record labels. Universal Music was interested, and hired Estiano. After several months in studio, her self-titled debut album was released. The first single, "Você Sempre Será" (English: You Will Always Be), which was performed previously in Malhação, hit the top of Brazilian charts, and won the Faustão's The Best Of The Year award for Song Of The Year.

The second single, "Por Mais Que Eu Tente" (English: The More I Try), was her second top ten hit, and the third single "O Jogo" (English: The Game) peaked just outside the top ten, but still enjoyed success. Thanks to the enormous airplay of the song "Você Sempre Será", her album went platinum.

In prime time, she stood out in telenovelas Pages of Life (Páginas da Vida)[20] (2006), Duas Caras[21] (2007) and India: A Love Story (Caminho das Índias)[22] (2009), best telenovela in the 2009 Emmy International, and Império.[23]

In 2007, she was the protagonist of the telenovela Two Faces (Duas Caras), which tells the story Maria Paula's revenge against Marconi Ferraço, his former criminal husband.[24][25] .[26]

She played Manuela Fonseca, which is one of the main characters, in the 2011 Rede Globo telenovela A Vida da Gente in access prime time.[27][28] The telenovela is about the love triangle between Ana, Rodrigo and Manuela, and family dramas lived by them after a tragic accident.[29][30][31]

She played the protagonist, Laura Assunção, in the soap opera Lado a Lado (2012), telenovela that tells the story of a friendship between two women Laura, a white girl, daughter of a baroness, and Isabel, descendent of a poor slave.[32][33]


First Miniseries

During the premiere of the play "Mind Deception", actor and producer Malvino Salvador late on Thursday (11th), Rio de Janeiro, Marjorie Estiano took the opportunity to talk about the work of two that will air in January 2011, called "Amor em Quatro Atos" (Love in Four Acts). The series of four chapters, will be based on four songs by Chico Buarque: "Between rehearsals and recordings were 20 days of living together and he's great" said the actress who used to apply a wavy hair to play the part. In the chapter she makes movies, plays a filmmaker Marjorie involved in filming the video for the song "Construction" and in the middle of the episode will complain about the noise of the work and know the neighbor's character Malvino, the role of Mason.[34][35][36][37]

Production of New CD[edit]

Third Studio Album

Marjorie also has plans for the pre production of a new CD and said it is already researching a speech: "I wanted to come out next year, but if you scroll novel or film, complicating" the actress said citing speculation surrounding invitations to Globo's novelas next year.[38]


Soap operas[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2003 Malhação Fabiana 9th Season, 4 Episodes, Guest appearance
2004–2006 Malhação Natasha Ferreira 10th-11th Season,
2006 Pages of Life (Páginas da Vida) Marina Martins de Andrade Rangel
2007 Two Faces (Duas Caras) Maria Paula Fonseca do Nascimento
2009 India: A Love Story (Caminho das Índias) Tônia Cavinato Cadore
2011 Amor em Quatro Atos Letícia Episode: "Ela Faz Cinema"
2011 A Vida da Gente Manuela Fonseca
2012 Lado a Lado Laura Assunção
2014 Império Cora Guest appearance


Year Title Role Notes
2005–2007 A Turma do Didi Marjorie Estiano 2 Episodes
2007 Sob Nova Direção Nelly Li "A Dona da Voz" (4th Season, Episode 11)
2010 S.O.S. Emergência Flávia Menezes Episode: "Na Saúde e Na Doença"


Year Title Role
2011 Malu de Bicicleta Sueli[39]
2013 Time and the Wind Bibiana[40][41]
2014 Beatriz Beatriz[42][43]
2014 Apneia Giovanna[44][45]
2014 Todo Amor (preproduction) Dani [46][47]


Year Title Role[48][49]
1997 1998 Lisístrata; A Raposa e as Uvas; Casa de Bernarda Alba -
1999 Clarice -
2000 - 2002 O Palhaço Imaginador; Liberdade, Liberdade; Buchicho -
2002 - 2003 Beijos, Escolhas e Bolhas de Sabão Tati
2003 Bárbara não lhe Adora Bárbara Cristina
2009 - 2010 Corte Seco Samantha
2011 Inverno da Luz Vermelha Christine
2012 -2013 O Desaparecimento do Elefante Atashi


Live DVD[edit]


Official Music Videos[edit]

Year Title Director featuring Album
2005 Você Sempre Será Afonso Poyart - Marjorie Estiano
2007 Espirais Unknown - Flores, Amores e Blábláblá
2007 Tatuagem Bruno Murtinho - Flores, Amores e Blábláblá
2014 TBA - - in Production


  • 2005-2006: Marjorie Estiano e Banda (Marjorie Estiano and Band)
  • 2007-2008: Turnê Blablablá (Blablabla Tour)
  • 2009-2010: Combinação Sobre Todas as Coisas (Combination Above All Things)
  • 2013 - 2014: BB Covers[55]



  • 1999: Best Actress at the Festival Theatre Lala Schneider Award, for Clarice[56]
  • 2004: Revelation Actress at the Pop TV, for Malhação (2004)[57]
  • 2005: Best Actress at the IV Brazilian Youth Award, for Malhação (2004)[58]
  • 2006: Best Supporting Actress at the Minha Novela (Public Choice), for Páginas da vida.
  • 2011: Best Supporting Actress at the Quem Award, for A Vida da Gente[59]
  • 2011: Best Actress at the Minha Novela (Critic's Choice), for A Vida da Gente[60]
  • 2011: Best Actress at the Arte Qualidade Brasil Award (theatre), for O Inverno da Luz Vermelha[61]
  • 2011: Best Protagonist, Portal Caras, for Manuela (A Vida da Gente)[62]
  • 2012: Best Romantic Couple at the Noveleiros Award, for Lado a Lado[63][64]
  • 2012: Best romantic couple of at the Minha Novela, for Lado a Lado (Critic's Choice).[65]
  • 2013: Best Supporting Actress at the Aplauso Brasil Award, for "O Desaparecimento do Elefante"[66]



  • 2005: Song of the year (Você sempre será), Best of the Year - Domingão do Faustão[68]
  • 2005: Singer Revelation, Meus Prêmios Nick Award[69][70]
  • 2005: DVD gold the 25 thousand copies sold of the DVD Marjorie Estiano e Banda (Ao Vivo)[71][72]
  • 2005: Platinum by 150 thousand copies sold of the CD Marjorie Estiano


  • 2006: Singer Revelation, Trophy Leão Lobo[76][77]
  • 2006: Singer revelation of the year - Prêmio Multishow de Música Brasileira (Multishow Brazilian Music Award)[78]


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