Mark, Don & Terry 1966–67

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Mark, Don & Terry 1966-67
Compilation album by Terry Knight and the Pack
Released November 1972
Recorded 1966-1967
Genre Hard Rock
Label ABKCO Records
Producer Terry Knight

Mark, Don & Terry 1966–67 is a 1972 2-LP set compilation album by Terry Knight and the Pack released by ABKCO Records to cash in on the March 1972 Capitol Records album Mark, Don & Mel: 1969–71 by Grand Funk Railroad. The album has a plain blue cover with lettering similar to that of the plain black cover of the earlier Grand Funk Railroad release. Mark Farner and Don Brewer from Grand Funk had been in Terry Knight and The Pack with Terry Knight, who then managed them until 1972. Knight also managed the Ft. Worth Texas group Bloodrock until mid 1971.

Track listing[edit]

  1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  2. Dimestore Debutante
  3. The Shut In
  4. I've Been Told
  5. Numbers
  6. Got Love
  7. Lady Jane
  8. Love Goddess Of Sunset Strip
  9. Dirty Lady
  10. I (Who Have Nothing)
  11. Lizabeth Peach
  12. Forever And A Day
  13. Bad Boy
  14. Mister, You're A Better Man Than I
  15. Love, Love, Love, Love
  16. This Precious Time
  17. Lovin' Kind
  18. Come With Me
  19. A Change On The Way
  20. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show