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Mark Bolzern is one of the original pioneers[1][2][3] of the Linux computer operating system.

Bolzern was the founder of early Linux-specific community portals such as LinuxNews, LinuxMall, LinuxPro, LinuxGuru and PenguinPower. Bolzern was also the creator of the original plush Tux mascot, based on the original drawing by Larry Ewing.[4] His work at LinuxMall allowed Bolzern to directly affect the Linux community with LinuxMall's support of various Linux events. His achievements play a significant role in the story of the book Rebel Code[5] by author Glyn Moody.

In May and June 1998 articles Bolzern wrote were published regarding the Linux Base System project[6] and commenting on the growth of the Linux Community.[7]

LinuxMall, founded by Bolzern in about 1993, was by 2000 a firm of 60 employees based in Aurora, Colorado, and the "largest online shopping center with software and products for the Linux computer operating system."[8] It was expected to have an initial public offering, but a stock market downturn led, instead, to a reverse acquisition in which it was bought for $25 million by Ebiz Enterprises, an already-publicly listed firm, which was to change its name to after the transaction.[8]

From April to March 2000 several articles were published by and about Microsoft with several penned by Mark Bolzern himself,[9][10][11] In addition under the PenguinPower name many collectables designed by Bolzern were manufactured by LinuxMall such as this Tux pin being worn by Peter H. Salus.

After the Ebiz merger, Mark Bolzern spent several years out of the limelight traveling with and caring for his wife Virgina who was dealing with breast cancer until her death on March 8, 2007.[12] During that time they were both involved in an Encouragement Ministry called BBtJ[13]

As of February 2012 Mark Bolzern now serves as Chief Technical Officer at Northern Utility Services, LLC[14] in Anchorage, Alaska where he originally grew up. This Autobiographical page[15] also has more details regarding Mark's professional achievements.