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Mark Grebner (born 1952) is an American politician, political consultant, and psephologist from the state of Michigan.


Grebner is a resident of East Lansing, Michigan. He was a student at Michigan State University in 1970, and became involved in politics at the time of the 18-year-old vote in 1971.[1] He was an Ingham County Commissioner from 1977 to 2012, except 1981-84, and served as board chair and chair of the Finance Committee.[2]

He is the president of Practical Political Consulting, a voter list and consulting firm which works mostly for Democrats in Michigan. In recent years, the firm has been expanding its operations to include Wisconsin.[3]

For almost 30 years, he has published Grading the Profs, which reports student survey results on Michigan State University teaching faculty.[4][5]

Grebner is a commentator on politics and political issues, and is often interviewed on radio[6][7][8] and television and quoted in news articles.[9][10][11][12][13] He also writes on "Technical Politics" for the web site Michigan Liberal.[14]

Grebner is noted for his iconoclastic and humorous political tactics. The New York Times wrote that "Calling Mr. Grebner eccentric would be too obvious."[15] David Josar, of the Detroit News, calls him "super wonk".[16] During his campaigns for election and re-election as county commissioner, he has used self-deprecating slogans such as "No Worse Than The Rest,"[17][18] "He May Be a Fool, But He's Our Fool,"[15] and (in a coupon book) "Buy One Politician, Get One Free."[15] A humorous letter he sent to his constituents in 1986, announcing his plans for re-election, was reprinted in the "Readings" section of Harper's Magazine.[19] In 2009 Grebner filed a lawsuit based on alterations to this Wikipedia page that he alleges were defamatory.[20][21]

Political activities[edit]

Grebner has been frequently involved in public controversies, typically as an advocate for liberal positions, for voting rights, for freedom of information, and for the interests of university students:

  • To resolve a $4 million deficit, the county's 2009 budget cut 19 full-time positions, including six in the sheriff's department, prompting criticism of possible impact on public safety. Grebner, as chair of the finance committee, defended the budget, saying: "It won't be unbearable; other [counties] get by with a lot less."[22]
  • In 2004 and 2006, his firm conducted a large-scale experiment, called ETOV, to "shame" nonvoters into participating in elections.[31][32] The results of the study were published in the American Political Science Review.[33]
  • An essay Grebner wrote about methods to increase voter turnout suggested a focus on jail inmates held before trial.[37]


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