Mark Heard (album)

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Mark Heard
Studio album by Mark Heard
Released 1975 / 1978
Recorded Lemco Studios
Genre Folk/Rock
Label Airborn Records
AB Records, Solid Rock
Producer Mark Heard
Mark Heard chronology
Setting Yesterday Free
Mark Heard
Appalachian Melody
Re-issue cover: On Turning to Dust

Mark Heard is the first solo album by Mark Heard, originally released in 1975, and re-released as On Turning to Dust on both AB Records and Solid Rock Records in 1978.

A limited edition CDR reissue of the original Mark Heard album was released to fans in 1998 through Fingerprint Records.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Mark Heard, except "Cabin in Gloryland" by O. A. Parris, writer /Cpl. Curtis Stewart. "Greensleeves interlude" is a 16th-century English melody. "There is a Fountain" is an early American melody, words by William Cowper, 1771. "Passion Chorale" is by Hans Leo Hassler, 1601; harmony by J. S. Bach, 1729, words by Bernard of Clairvaux, 11th century. "Dinner at Grandma's" - by Mark Heard, Pat Terry, Jeff Vansant, Wayne King.

Side one[edit]

  1. "On Turning to Dust"
  2. "Dinner at Grandma's"
  3. "Cabin in Gloryland"
  4. "A Friend"
  5. "Lullabye"

Side two[edit]

  1. "Solid Rock"
  2. "To Diane"
  3. "Interlude (Traditional: Greensleeves & There Is A Fountain)"
  4. "The Road"
  5. "Interlude (Traditional: Passion Chorale)"
  6. "All"

The band[edit]

  • Mark Heard: guitars, vocals, piano, synthesizer and hambone
  • Earl Grigsby: bass guitar
  • Frank Godby: banjo
  • John Heinrich: pedal steel guitar
  • Chuck Long: sandblocks
  • Jim Pennington: percussion
  • Strings arranged by Dave Aldrich and performed by the Lamay String Quartet

Production notes[edit]