Mark Sittich von Hohenems (Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg)

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Not to be confused with his uncle Cardinal Mark Sittich von Hohenems Altemps (1533-1595).
Mark Sittich von Hohenems

Mark Sittich von Hohenems (1574–1619) was the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg from 1612 to 1619.


Mark Sittich von Hohenems was born in Hohenems on June 24, 1574.[1]

Following the defeat and arrest of his uncle Wolf Dietrich Raitenau in 1612, the cathedral chapter of Salzburg Cathedral elected him to be the new Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg on March 18, 1612.[1] He was consecrated as a bishop by Ehrenfried von Kuenburg, Bishop of Chiemsee, on October 7, 1612.[1]

As Archbishop, he was no puppet of Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, refusing to enter the Catholic League.[2] He was, however, unable to keep the Archbishopric of Salzburg out of the Thirty Years' War.[2]

He employed Vincenzo Scamozzi as architect for the new Salzburg Cathedral, with the foundation stone of the new building being laid in 1614.[2] He also commissioned Santino Solari to build the Hellbrunn Palace, including its famous fountains.[2] He was thus a major figure in promoting Baroque architecture north of the Alps.[2]

He died on October 9, 1619.[1]


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