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Mark Solonin (born May 29, 1958, in Kuybyshev, USSR) is a Russian historian[1][2] of World War II.

Solonin's first two books(June 22. The Casks and The Hoops and At The Airfields That Seemed to be Asleep as named on the author's website[3]) focus on the opening weeks of The Great Patriotic War with the goal of finding a reason why the numerically and technologically superior Red Army couldn't even slow down the Wehrmacht's advance into Soviet Union. Solonin ultimately attributes the defeats to complete lack of fighting spirit of the Red Army caused by almost twenty years of Stalinist terror regime.[4]

In the Soviet offensive plans controversy he belongs to the camp close to Victor Suvorov.[5] He supports the view that Soviet Union prepared and planned for an offensive war against Nazi Germany before Operation Barbarossa was initiated.[5]

Solonin's books have sold over 240 000 copies in Russia[6] His works have been translated into Polish,[7] Czech, Estonian,[8] Lithuanian and Romanian.


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