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Mark Taylor (born November 1970) is an Ottawa city councillor representing Bay Ward.[1] He defeated incumbent Alex Cullen in the Ottawa municipal election, 2010.

Taylor grew up in the Queensway Terrace North neighbourhood and attended Severn Avenue Public School, Pinecrest Intermediate School and Woodroffe High School. He attended Carleton University to study History and Anthropology but did not complete his degree.[2]

In 1998, Taylor became a retail manager at Time Cellular, a Rogers AT&T dealership. He later became a co-owner and Chief Information Officer of the company.[3]

Taylor's past political experience involved working as the executive assistant to Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament Jim Watson, who was elected mayor in 2010.[4]

Mark Taylor is one of ten new councillors elected in the 2010 Ottawa Municipal Elections.[5] He won 38% of the vote in a field of eight candidates for Bay ward councillor.[6]

Taylor is the chairman of the Community and Protective Services Committee, which is responsible for parks and recreation, fire and paramedic services and community and social services.[7] He is a member of the Planning Committee,[8] the Finance and Economic Development Committee[9] and the Information Technology Sub-committee.[10]

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