Mark Trammel Quartet

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Mark Trammell Quartet
Genres Christian, Southern Gospel
Years active 2009–present
Members Nick Trammell – Lead
Mark Trammell – Baritone
Eric Phillips – Tenor
Pat Barker – Bass

Mark Trammell Quartet is a Southern Gospel Quartet founded in by Mark Trammell, who formerly sang with The Kingsman, Gold City Quartet, The Cathedral Quartet, and Greater Vision. The group began in 2002 as a trio consisting of Eric Philips, Mark Trammell, and Joseph Smith. Tenor Joel Wood performed with the quartet from 2008 through 2011 until Eric Phillips returned. Dustin Sweatman served for 6 years as lead singer and pianist, from 2006 through September 2012. In 2009 Pat Barker joined the group as bass and the quartet was formed.


Mark Trammell Quartet's current lineup consists of tenor Dustin Black, lead Nick Trammell, baritone Mark Trammell, bass Randy Byrd.


  • Vintage Gospel (2009)
  • Testimony (2010)
  • Treasures (2011)
  • Lifetime (2012)

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