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"Mark Twain Award" redirects here. For the comedy award, see Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

The Mark Twain Readers Award, or simply Mark Twain Award, annually recognizes one book selected by vote of Missouri schoolchildren from a list prepared by librarians and volunteer readers. It is now one of four Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL) Readers Awards and is associated with school grades 4 to 6.[1] The 1970 Newbery Medal winning book Sounder, by William H. Armstrong, was the inaugural winner of the award in 1972.[2]

Nomination guidelines[edit]

  • Books should interest children in grades four through six.
  • Books should be an original work written by an author living in the United States.
  • Books should be of literary value which may enrich children's personal lives.
  • Books should be published two years prior to nomination on a master list of twelve nominees.

Voting process[edit]

Though the list of nominated books is designated for grades four through six, any student can vote for the winner so long as they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Book must have been read by voter.
  • Voter must have read at least four books from the list of nominees.
  • Voter can only vote once.

Schools design their own ballots. Individual votes for each school (or qualified group) are tallied on a single sheet and submitted to the MASL.


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