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Location Peru, Ancash Region, Huari Province
Coordinates 9°22′14.65″S 77°7′47.50″W / 9.3707361°S 77.1298611°W / -9.3707361; -77.1298611Coordinates: 9°22′14.65″S 77°7′47.50″W / 9.3707361°S 77.1298611°W / -9.3707361; -77.1298611
Area 13 ha
Height 3,580 metres (11,745 ft)

Markahirka (Quechua marka village, Ancash Quechua hirka mountain,[1][2] "village mountain", hispanicized spelling Marcajirca) is an archaeological site with cave paintings and stone tombs (chullpa) in Peru. It is situated in the Ancash Region, Huari Province, between the districts Cajay and Masin, at a height of 3,580 metres (11,745 ft).[3] Markahirka is also a good viewpoint with views into the Puchka valley (Puchca) and to the towns of Huari (Wari) and Huachis (Wachis).


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