Market Street, Georgetown

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Market Street
சந்தை தெரு
Location Little India, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Known for Little India, Penang

Market Street is a street within the core zone of the Penang capital, Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[1] This street was named after a market which established by Indian emigrants to Malaysia. The market continued to function even after the full reclamation that created Victoria Street, and was named after the mand Weld Quay.

The area has been settled by south Indians, whose presence is still conspicuous till today. This part of town is now regarded as part of Little India, Penang.[2] The street bears many similarities to market streets in Chennai, Mumbai or Delhi. It is a notable shopping spot among locals and tourists. This street is also famous for Malaysian Indian cuisine.[3]


  • Karaikudi Restauran
  • Sri Anadha Bahwan[4]


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