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Not to be confused with MarketWatch.
Market Watch
Presented by Liz Claman
Tyler Mathisen
Ted David
Consuelo Mack
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Running time 120 minutes (2 hours)
Original channel CNBC
Original run January 19, 1998  – February 1, 2002
Preceded by Money Wheel
Followed by Midday Call

Market Watch is a show on CNBC that aired from 10AM to 12noon ET, hosted by Martha MacCallum and Tyler Mathisen (for the first hour), and Bob Sellers and Consuelo Mack (for the second hour). It was replaced by Midday Call on Feb 4, 2002.

The show gave viewers the latest business news during the morning trading session. Regular segments included Taking Stock where viewers could phone-in and ask the guest analysts' recommendations on certain stocks.

Worldwide Market Watch[edit]

Around CNBC's global branches, there are many counterparts of Market Watch in the world:

Channel Program Still Run? Replacement
CNBC Asia Asia Market Watch Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg (2000-04-03 – 2007-03-23) CNBC's Cash Flow
Nikkei CNBC Tokyo Market Watch Crystal Clear app clean.svg N/A
CNBC Europe European Market Watch Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg (1999 – 2003-05-30) Morning Exchange
CNBC Europe Global Market Watch (European edition)* Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg (1998-10 – 2001-01-15) Today's Business Europe
CNBC Asia Global Market Watch (Asian edition)** Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg (2000-04-03 – 2000-10-27) Business Center

*Global Market Watch's European Edition, was originally named Market Watch in 1998 to give a midday recap of Asian markets and preview the day in Europe. It aired at 05:00–05:30 BST and was anchored by Geoff Cutmore in London and Cecilia Zecha in Singapore with Simon Hobbs and Bernard Lo as stock watchers. In 1999, it was renamed Global Market Watch and was solely anchored by Simon Hobbs but CNBC Asia stock watchers continued to give an update on Asian action.

**Global Market Watch '​s Asian edition aired originally at 17:30 SIN time and was seen exclusively in Asia following a similar format to its European counterpart. It was originally hosted solely by Martin Soong but he was joined by Grace Phan when the show moved to 20:30 SIN time in July 2000.