Market of Choice

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Market of Choice
Industry Retail (Grocery)
Founded 1979
Key people
Richard Wright Sr., Founder
Products Grocery
Slogan Food For the Way You Live

Market of Choice is a supermarket chain based in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The store carries conventional groceries, as well as natural and organic products.[1]


The Market of Choice stores are owned by Market of Choice, Inc. The company began in 1979 with a single store owned by Richard Wright, Sr. in Cottage Grove, Oregon.[1] As of 2011, Market of Choice has four stores in Eugene, and one each in Ashland, Portland, West Linn and Corvallis.[2] The company is now run by the founder's son Rick Wright. Rick Wright reorganized his father's company, which included Price Chopper and Thriftway stores, and created Market of Choice.[3] As part of their rebranding, Price Chopper stores transitioned to the name PC Market and finally to Market of Choice.[4]

Local recognition[edit]

Market of Choice stores were said to have the best salad bars in Lane County, in The Register-Guard's Readers' Choice awards in 2010.[5] The previous year, it won first place as Lane County's best grocery store as well as second place as its best store for natural food.[6]

Green energy[edit]

A Market of Choice store in Eugene

Market of Choice has reduced their energy consumption by about 15-20% using a variety of means, including employee training, equipment maintenance, and replacing outdated refrigeration with more energy efficient equipment.[3] The Willamette Street location in Eugene produces solar energy, with a 30.8 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system, which is one of the largest such systems in the city.[3] This store also composts its organic waste onsite, and the company looks for earth-friendly packaging material for its goods.[3]

In September 2008, Market of Choice removed the use of plastic shopping bags from their stores.[7]


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