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Marketing Operations Management (MOM) is a version of end to end marketing optimization, from planning and budgeting, through marketing content management, to global marketing execution and analysis.

It is characterized by an attempt to achieve measurable and trackable Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI), and, as a means of achieving that, creating a marketing dashboard, leading to improved marketing effectiveness. The concept of the marketing dashboard is that a marketing executive, or indeed any employee of an organization, can log into a system which shows the status of all ongoing marketing activities — showing 'fuel consumption' (spending), 'speed' (sales) and various other metrics in the automotive analogy. The Marketing Resource Management (MRM) industry, including software vendors with integrated solutions who provides the software infrastructure to assist organizations with their Marketing Operations Management. This forms the technology backbone to the essential alignment of people, process and technology that is critical to an effective Marketing Operations Management strategy.

Marketing Operations Management (MOM) & Marketing Resource Management (MRM)[edit]

Marketing Operations Management (MOM) is the conceptual framework that defines all processes supporting marketing strategy and tactics. The processes it defines are built into actionable software tools (a Marketing Resource Management system) to standardize marketing operations carried out at scale. Such standardization of marketing operations is sought by companies that sell their products and services through intermediaries like retailers, distributors, dealers, and affiliates as standardization and centralization of marketing are necessary for those companies selling / marketing through hundreds or thousands of local channels.[1]

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