Marketplace (TV series)

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CBC Marketplace logo.jpg
The most recent version of the show's logo.
Also known as CBC News: Marketplace
Genre Newsmagazine
Investigative Journalism
Directed by Paula Neilson
Presented by Tom Harrington
Erica Johnson
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 41
No. of episodes > 500
Executive producer(s) Marie Caloz
Chad Paulin
Editor(s) Don Chung
Kathryn Dickson
Aileen McBride
Alan Jones
Morna Scott-Dunne
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Original channel CBC Television
Audio format Stereo
Original run 5 October 1972 – present
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Marketplace is a Canadian television series, broadcast on CBC Television. Launched in 1972, the series is a consumer advocacy newsmagazine, which airs investigative reports on issues such as product testing, health and safety, fraudulent business practices and other news issues of interest to product and service consumers.

The program was influential in the banning of urea formaldehyde foam insulation and lawn darts in Canada, the legislation of warnings on exploding pop bottles, successful prosecution of retailers for false advertising, new standards for bottled water and drinking fountains, new regulations to make children's sleepwear less flammable, and the implementation of safer designs for children's cribs.

Harrington, after a promotional event, with Claire Martin.

Marketplace was originally hosted by Joan Watson and George Finstad. Other hosts have included Bill Paul, Harry Brown, Norma Kent, Jacquie Perrin, Christine Johnson, Jim Nunn and Wendy Mesley. The program's current hosts are Tom Harrington and Erica Johnson.

Early seasons of the series had a theme song, "The Consumer", which was written and performed by Stompin' Tom Connors. For several years, every episode would begin with Connors singing the song, which became a hit.

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