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For the ice hockey player, see Marko Anttila.

Marko Antila (born 1969) is a Finnish film producer and director.[1]

Antila studied in Tampere at the Art and Film School, working first for TV, where he developed his own music format. First directing at Finnish music television MTV3 for 2 years. During that time he made around 40 music videos. Marko Antila moved into commercial business in 1998 where he is well known for his great sense of humour and working with actors. Marko is a storyteller with good visual touch. Marko has won several national and international awards such as Cresta, Epica, Fab. In 2004, Marko directed the TV series "Pelastakaa sotamies Hytönen". This reality show followed TV personality Joonas Hytönen during his mandatory military service in the Finnish armed forces. Marko Antila has founded new company called Mjölk together with Yrjö Nieminen. His new company makes TV commercials and feature films. Mjölk's latest film prouduction is "8-ball" feature film (together with Blind Spot Pictures) . Director Aku Louhimies. Movie is based on Marko Kilpi´s book "Elävien Kirjoihin" Premiere 22 February 2013.


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