Marlboro Classics

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Marlboro Classics
Industry Consumer Goods
Founded 1980s
Headquarters Italy
Products Textile - Apparel clothing
Revenue 0.17 billion (2008)
Parent Valentino Fashion Group

Marlboro Classics is an Italian fashion and lifestyle house. The Brand was established in the mid 1980s. It is produced and distributed by Valentino Fashion Group.


Nowadays they have 2400 points of sales in 42 countries. In 2008 their turnover was reported to be approximately 170 million euros.

Products are known for high quality and elegance and they are made with the highest standards. Main values of the brand are inspired by the legendary American West. Marlboro Classics produce diversified range of products including belts, leather goods, bags, shoes, boots, jackets, coats, shirts, jeans, trousers and pullovers.

The Marlboro name has been licensed from Altria (formerly Philip Morris), owner of the Marlboro cigarette brand, as part of their effort to work around tobacco marketing restrictions.

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