Marquisate of Samaranch

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Marquessate of Samaranch
Creation date 30 December 1991
Peerage Peerage of Spain
First holder Juan Antonio Samaranch
Present holder María Teresa Samaranch Salisachs
Remainder to Absolute primogeniture

The Marquessate of Samaranch (Spanish: Marquesado de Samaranch) is a hereditary title of Spanish nobility.[1] The title was bestowed by King Juan Carlos I of Spain on Juan Antonio Samaranch on 30 December 1991, honouring his efforts in support of the Olympic movement as President of the International Olympic Committee.[2]

Holders of the title[edit]

  • Juan Antonio Samaranch, 1st Marquis of Samaranch (1991–2010)
  • María Teresa Samaranch Salisachs, 2nd Marquise of Samaranch (2011-) [3]