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Marquis of Baux (French: Marquis des Baux) is one of the Prince of Monaco's many titles. When possible, the title passes from the reigning Prince to the first male heir apparent or heir presumptive of the Monegasque throne. Although the present Sovereign Prince of Monaco is Albert II, he doesn't have a male heir to the throne and therefore still possesses this title.[1] The marquessate was originally associated with the town of Les Baux de Provence, but later lost its administrative authority when control of the town reverted to France.

The title "Lord of Baux" had been used by other families. It was re-granted as a marquisate to Honoré II, Prince of Monaco in 1642 by Louis XIII King of France, but was first used by Honoré's son Ercole, Marquis of Baux. Ercole died before his father, and this was why the title was granted for several centuries to the heirs of the Prince of Monaco.

The title always passed under Salic law from father to son, and so the last real Marquis was Louis II, Prince of Monaco, great-grandfather of Albert II, who died in 1949.

List of Marquises of Baux[edit]

Name Reign Length
Antonio I
Honoré III
Honoré IV
Honoré V
Florestan I 16 February 1819 - 2 October 1841 22 years, 228 days
Charles III 2 October 1841 - 20 June 1856 14 years, 262 days
Albert I 20 June 1856 – 10 September 1889 33 years, 82 days
Louis II 10 September 1889 - 30 May 1944 54 years, 263 days
Rainier III 30 May 1944 - 14 March 1958 13 years, 288 days
Albert II 14 March 1958 - present 56 years, 119 days

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