Marrah Mountains

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Marrah Mountains
Jebel Marra
Sudan Jebel Marra Deriba Lakes edited.jpg
Inner and outer crater, Deriba Crater
Highest point
Peak Deriba crater
Elevation 3,042 m (9,980 ft)
Coordinates 12°57′00″N 24°16′12″E / 12.95000°N 24.27000°E / 12.95000; 24.27000Coordinates: 12°57′00″N 24°16′12″E / 12.95000°N 24.27000°E / 12.95000; 24.27000
Country Sudan
State/Province Darfur
Type of rock Volcanic field

The Marrah Mountains or Marra Mountains or Fugo Marra (In fur language) or (Jebel Marra, Arabic: جبل مرةbad mountains) is a range of volcanic peaks created by a massif that rises up to 3,000 m. It is located in the center of the Darfur region of Sudan, specifically within Dar Fur and neighboring areas. The highest point is Deriba Caldera. The upper reaches of the massif is a small area of temperate climate with high rainfall and permanent springs of water.[1]

The last eruption occurred around 1500 BC. The centre of activity was Deriba Caldera, and involved caldera collapse following the eruption of pumice and pyroclastic flows which travelled over 30 kilometres (19 mi) from the volcano.[2]


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