Marringarr language

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Marri Ngarr
Native to Australia
Region Daly River
Native speakers
unknown (30 cited 1983)[1]
Western Daly
  • Marri Ngarr
Marri Ngarr
Marti Ke (Magati-ge)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
zmt – Marri Ngarr
zmg – Marti Ke
Glottolog mari1418[2]
AIATSIS[3] N102, N163*

Marri Ngarr (Maringarr, Marenggar, Maringa) is an Australian Aboriginal language.


Marti Ke (Matige, Magati-ge, Magadige, Magati Gair, Mati Ke) is a dialect.

Geographic distribution[edit]

The language is currently spoken in the Northern Territory, Wadeye, coast south from Moyle river estuary to Port Keats, southwest of Darwin.

Current status[edit]

The three Marringarr elders who are the last remaining speakers of Magati Ke as a native language.

The Magati Ke language has a population of 3 (2001 I. Alexander)[citation needed]. The ethnic population is about 100, and there are 50 second language users.


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