Marrying the Mafia

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Marrying the Mafia
Marrying the Mafia.jpg
Poster to Marrying the Mafia
Revised Romanization Gamunui yeonggwang
McCune–Reischauer Kamunŭi yŏnggwang
Directed by Jeong Heung-sun[1]
Produced by Chung Tae-won
Written by Jeong Heung-sun
Starring Yoo Dong-geun
Jung Joon-ho
Kim Jung-eun
Music by Park Jeong-hyeon
Cinematography Kim Yun-su
Edited by Go Im-pyo
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release dates
  • September 13, 2002 (2002-09-13)
Running time
113 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office $28,903,789[2]

Marrying the Mafia (Hangul: 가문의 영광; RR: Gamuneui yeonggwang) is a 2002 South Korea film released on September 13, 2002. It was an instant hit, beating out other 2002 film competitors such as Jail Breakers, The Way Home and Sex is Zero.

The film sold 5,200,001 tickets, becoming 14th highest Korean films-ticket selling film. For the year of 2002 it was the highest-attended South Korean film, and the second highest-attended film (including international productions) in South Korea with 5,021,001 admissions nationwide.[3]


The film is a gangster comedy about a businessman who becomes involved with the gangster underworld through the daughter of a crime boss.[4]

A businessman and a young woman wake up in bed together with no knowledge of how they got there. Next the business man is confronted by the young woman's brothers, who are members of the mafias. The brothers demand that the business man make an honorable woman of their sister. Ensue the craziness!


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