The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

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The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Established 1997
Type Graduate School
President Keith R. Anderson
Students ~300
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Campus Urban Area
Former names Mars Hill Graduate School

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology (formerly Mars Hill Graduate School) is an accredited Christian graduate school offering two Master of Arts degrees and one Master of Divinity degree.[1] The school is located in Belltown, Seattle, Washington.


The school first offered classes in 1997 as a branch campus of Western Seminary. In 2002, the school officially made the transition to being an independent institution named Mars Hill Graduate School. In 2006, the school moved its campus from Bothell, Washington to Belltown, Seattle.

On August 15, 2011, the school changed its name from Mars Hill Graduate School to The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.[2] The name change came in part to help remove confusion between itself, a progressive organization, and the more conservative Mars Hill Church pastored by Western Seminary graduate Mark Driscoll.


The school is evangelical and non-denominational.[3]

Stanley Grenz, who taught at the school for several years, was influential to the school's theological roots, as was author Brian McLaren, who has been a teacher at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and also served on the school's board.

Degrees offered[edit]

The school has one Master of Divinity degree program and two Master of Arts degree programs:[4]

The school's Counseling Psychology curriculum is a mix of psychodynamic modality, existential approach, attachment theory and object relations.

Notable professors[edit]

  • Dan Allender
  • Roy Barsness
  • Dwight J. Friesen
  • Jo-Ann Badley
  • Bob Ekblad
  • Chelle Stearns


The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology is nationally accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).[8][9] The school has "degree authorization" by the State of Washington and Title IV authorization by the Federal Department of Education for federal student financial assistance. The school became an Associate Member of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) in 2006 and in February 2011 became a Candidate for Accredited Membership.[10] The school became a fully accredited member of ATS in 2013.[11]

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