Mars Life

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Mars Life
Author Ben Bova
Cover artist John Harris
Series Grand Tour
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
5 August 2008
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 432 (Hardcover edition)
ISBN 978-0-7653-1787-2
OCLC 184823030
LC Class PS3552.O84M374
Preceded by Return to Mars

Mars Life is a science fiction novel by Ben Bova. This novel is part of the Grand Tour series of novels. It was first published in 2008 and is a sequel to Ben Bova's novel Return to Mars.

Plot summary[edit]

Jamie Waterman is back as Director of the Mars Program; along with his wife Vijay, the beautiful Indian-Aussie, and Dex Trumball, the Director of the Board in charge of Mars financing. The death of his son bring Waterman and his wife back to Earth, and puts them both in a slump. Over the years, the New Morality has slowly been taking over the American government, and gaining power; the NM restricts and censors anything that is a threat to them, and hide behind religion. One of their biggest concerns is the Mars program, which is taking money away from projects that would benefit the dystopian-style Earth. As money is slowly cut off from Mars, Dex and Jamie rush to find a solution to keeps the exploration of Mars open; however, both have different views. Waterman wants to preserve the Martian life and culture, while Dex is willing to open Mars up to wealthy tourists. The Navajo scientist and Vijay return to Mars in time of great discovering; a Martian village and relics have been found, as well as what might be a graveyard, holding remains of an ancient, intelligent Martian race. Jamie struggles to find the balance of things, as time and money begin to run out; and the answer could be found in his dreams.

Jamie wakes up in the afternoon on earth in a daze only to find his wife Vijay has disappeared to Mars with a Navaja scientist. Jamie jumps to his spaceship and follows a man from the grocery store two blocks to a dark dirty brownstone on a former New York city 87th street. Earth is not habitable because it is controlled by the New Morality. The rich in America have turned everyone to slaves working endlessly to meet their goals of domination other nations and ruling through fear (nuclear weapons).

Stealthily covered by a cloud in the sky,he decides that a mad scientist is what he needs to save his project on Mars. He adducts Dr. Grimes a biologists who can grow any part of a human from the privacy of his basement laboratory. Jamie abducts and forces the crazy scientist to make his son reappear. Through samples of skin, brain, heart and blood in a secret laboratory that he saved after his son's death. Jamie believes that this will be the link between the human race and the mars life that perished. Together they make spaceship crafts operated by robots that secretly take rich people from earth at night for tours every two months. These entrepreneurs get convinced to fund the Mar's Project for evil reasons. Jamie quickly realizes that he does not need Alex and murders him. He gains total control of the Mars project and its financing to do whatever he wishes. He builds a high technology laboratory in the obit.

Vinja sensing money is finally available returns to her husband. Dr. Grimes extracts DNA from the Martian grave and secretly builds an android. One day Vinja is walking in the halls of the huge spaceship one day and stops cold facing her is her son. A tall handsome, green eyed, dark haired and olive skinned skinny young man in his twenties. He looks just as beautiful and delicate as herself. He does not recognize her at first but tilts his head and deep in his neo cortex retrieves information that she is his mother. He smiles and catches his mother before she collapses on the floor. He puts her gently to the shinny marble floor then turns away returning to the Lab. Neither Dr. Grimes or Jamie know that everyday Shawn is becoming human and supernaturally gifted.

He secretly walks the halls when no one is seeing and even explores the spaceship. The Martian grave and its relics found by the Navaja scientist are the key that can change the planet of Mars to make it habitable. Shawn understands his mission is to protect the planet Mars from becoming a tourist habitant. He has to move it to another solar system to exist again. He is torn between the great love he has for his parents and the knowledge that when time comes he shall not see them again. In the laboratory lying down on a cold table naked, Dr. Grimes looks at Shawn with amazement at his perfection. He is the first to create a human from a laboratory something worldwide on planet earth biologist were prohibited to do.

Dr. Grimes loves Shawn like his son therefore teaching him speech patterns and human behavior. Even though Dr. Grimes could have created more androids like Shawn. His catholic upbringing and conscious bothered him therefore refusing to create like God despite pleas from Jamie. Two years after his first abrupt meeting with his mother in the hall way of the spaceship. His father plans a dinner and he meets her again seating opposite her eating dinner in a California dinner. No one in their surrounding could have guest anything odd about this family of three. Vinja is forced to accept Shawn as her son who died. Secretly she loves her son Shawn but holds a picture in her dresser of her dead son not believing her husband's madness in recreating the bond they lost. As they live on earth for ten years, Shawn gets to know his family and struggles with his destiny.

When Jamie and Vinja die of old age, he returns to mars to help Dr. Grimes save Mars. Together they find the riddle and key in the rubbles of red sandy dirt on a hole in the middle of the planet Mars. Shawn moves Mars with a burst of light and in its place leaves another inhabitable cold planet. Today scientists and astronomers claim they have found planet Eris similar to the Earth planet. Shawn only hopes that humans do not try to come inhabit his planet full of Martian life and where no one ever gets old or dies. This time as leader her has no options but destroy Earth. His resurrected people are aliens who would hunt humans for food. Shawn knows whatever is going on earth because he comes to visit his parents graves at night every fort night.

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