Marseille Naval Fire Battalion

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Intervention truck of the Marins-Pompiers of Marseille
A Marin-Pompier in parade uniform

The Marseille Naval Fire Battalion, or in French le Bataillon de marins-pompiers de Marseille or BMPM, is the fire and rescue service for the city of Marseille.

The battalion is a branch of the French Navy (Marine Nationale), and consists of fully military personnel, like the Paris Fire Brigade (a branch of the French Army), and PGHM (a branch of the French Gendarmerie).

Nearly half of all candidates fail the battalion's rigorous training program.


  1. Fire Suppression on land and at sea
  2. Emergency Ambulance
  3. Utility Safety- Gas leaks, etc.
  4. Personnel Assistance: Victims services, SAR, prehospital care
  5. Motor Vehicle Collision assistance
  6. Property protection
  7. Fire and Rescue Patrol, Reconnaissance and Scouting
  8. Animal Rescue
  9. Pollution control and response
  10. Alarm response


Formed by Royal Order on 14 August 1719 as the Marseille Arsenal Fire Battalion and its jurisdiction was expanded in 25 September 1816 to include the Ville de Marseille (City of Marseille). On 22 March 1838 its size was fixed as a battalion of five companies and on 14 December 1962, its jurisdiction was expanded to include the port of Marseille and the Marseille-Provence Marignane International Airport.


The BMPM consists of 1,740 personnel.

Corporate organisation[edit]

Vice Admiral Jean-Michel L'Hénaff, commanding officer of the BMPM.

The battalion is commanded by a naval Captain or Rear Admiral (currently Vice Admiral Jean-Michel L'Hénaff) as part of the Marseille garrison. He reports to the Minister of Defence, the Minister of the Interior and the Mayor of Marseille.

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