Marsh Island (Maine)

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Marsh Island
Penobscot River from Marsh Island.JPG
Penobscot River from Marsh Island
Marsh Island (Maine) is located in Maine
Marsh Island (Maine)
Marsh Island (Maine)
Coordinates 44°55′N 68°39′W / 44.917°N 68.650°W / 44.917; -68.650
Length 5.23 mi (8.42 km)
Width 2.52 km (1.566 mi)
Highest elevation 190 ft (58 m)
United States
State Maine
County Penobscot

Marsh Island is an island on the Penobscot River in Penobscot County. The Penobscot River borders the eastern side of the island, while the Stillwater River, a side arm of the Penobscot, borders the western side of the island.


The towns of Old Town and Orono occupy portions of Marsh Island. The University of Maine campus occupies the southwestern corner of the island while Old Town Municipal Airport and Seaplane Base are at the island's northern end. U.S. Route 2 crosses the island and connects Old Town and Orono.

A former Georgia-Pacific paper mill is located on the island in Old Town. In 2011 Marsh Island was opened to bow deer hunting.[1]



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