Marshmallow Records & Marshmallow Exports

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Marshmallow Records & Marshmallow Exports
Founded 1978
Founder Mitsuo Johfu
Genre jazz, historic & current
Location Oguchidori, Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa
221-0002 Japan
Official website

Marshmallow Records & Marshmallow Exports are Japanese sister companies, the former being an independent jazz record label and the latter being the label's distributor. The label was established in 1978 by Mitsuo Johfu, a jazz enthusiast and owner of a clothing store. Over the last thirty-six years, Johfu has recorded artists, including the late Chet Baker, Duke Jordan, and European musicians Jan Lundgren, Carsten Dahl, and Casper Villaume. He also has given recording and distribution rebirth to American artists that include Gene DiNovi, Sir Charles Thompson, Herbie Steward, and Håkan Rydin.[1][2]

According to Positive-Feedback, an online audiophile magazine, Johfu values his "Japanese sensibilities" and is highly involved in every recording session, from the choice of songs to sound engineering and packaging. The review states that Johfu travels throughout the world to be at most recording sessions; and he takes all the photographs that appear on his CD packaging. He still is a long-time owner and full-time manager of a Yokohama clothing store named "Study Hall."[2]


The matrix for Marshmallow releases all start with a four-letter alpha code, followed by a dash and three to six digit numerals.

External links[edit]

Official website

North American distributor

2477 Paseo Circulo
Tustin, California 92782
Hajime Sato, proprietor


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