Martín Tovar y Tovar

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Martín Tovar y Tovar
Antonio Herrera Toro 1878 000.jpg
Born (1827-02-10)10 February 1827
Caracas, Venezuela
Died 17 December 1902(1902-12-17) (aged 75)
Caracas, Venezuela

Martín Tovar y Tovar (10 February 1827 — 17 December 1902) was one of the most important and high-profile Venezuelan painters of the 19th century. Tovar y Tovar's most famous work is his famous and well-known depiction of the Battle of Carabobo. Tovar y Tovar's other famous works are his portrayals of the Battle of Junín and the Battle of Ayacucho.

Rise to prominence[edit]

Detail of La Batalla de Carabobo. Oil on canvas

Beginning in 1872, Tovar y Tovar featured prominently in numerous expositions and galleries in Venezuela, including the very first Exposición Anual de Bellas Artes held in Venezuela. Indeed, the Venezuelan president Antonio Guzmán Blanco himself tasked him with painting the many portraits of prominent Venezuelans that would be needed in a new gallery that would grace the Venezuelan capitol building. His works now feature on a large domed ceiling, as well as the Capitol's walls.